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Filament LED Bulb with Non Infringement of Patents
Time:2015-7-28   Author:YunsunLED
 As filament LED bulbs are getting more and more popular, patent issue seems a big problem for our marketing, because there is a Chinese company announced they have patents on this kind of bulbs, people can not sell these bulbs without their permission.
Let’s make a detailed analysis on this patent issue, this Chinese company named LEDisong, they applied European patent in September of 2010. The patent code and name are:

                     LED Bulb                             LED Bar (Now so Called Filament LED String)


Key Points of this Patent:

1.The patent is mainly for the whole bulb.

2.Filamentous LED string patent is also covered with below key points:

  I: Transparent Base Board for the String (Including Sapphire, Glass, Ceramic)

 II: The Substrate Material of LED Chip is Transparent


Firstly, lets look at the patent for the whole bulb:

Fortunately, LEDisong is not the first one who makes Filament LED bulb, the first company is Ushio from Japan, it was in the January of 2009, nearly 2 years earlier than LEDisong’s patent, Ushio announced Filament LED Bulb technology with pictures.


See below link:



As LEDisong’s patent is later than Ushio’s filament LED Bulb was selling in the market, so LEDisong’s patent is invalid.


 It was said that LEDisong just sending some companies letters without any prosecution in form, as they really does not have the patent, the patent belongs to Ushio Japan. They will lose everything if they begin a real suit in the international court and finally lose this case, so they just sending letters without any real suit!


Secondly, let’s talk about the patent about LED Bar (Now so Called Filamentous LED String):

Key points:

1.Transparent Base Board for the String (Including Sapphire, Glass, Ceramic)

2.The substrate material of LED chip is transparent


Now we have strategies for this patent circumvention:

1.We use non-transparent base board for the LED bar, we use 

Now we have strategies for this patent circumvention:

We use non-transparent base board for the LED bar, we use 


LEDisong Transparent Base Board


Yunsun Non-transparent Base Board - Silver Coated Bronze 



LEDisong use transparent board is for a better light output to make high light efficiency for the bar, in order to make a patent circumvention, we have to use non-transparent board, bronze is the best choice with very good heat dissipation capacity, we made plenty holes on the bronze board to let lights get through down to the other side, meanwhile, we coated the board with silver to get a better reflection of lights. What’s more, we put the chip side towards to the bulb outside when we do butt-joint soldering, so that we can take full advantage of the output lights.


2.We use non-transparent material for the substrate of LED Chip 


Backward light of the Chip used by LEDisong                      Backward light of the Chip used by Yunsun

15.Transparent Base Board                                                     1. Silver Coated Bronze Base Board

16.22:  Transparent Substrate                                                 2. Phosphor

17. Hole on the board                                                            3. LED Chip



3.Yunsun strategy on white LED patent circumvention

           We all know that LEDisong does not have white LED patent, it makes their patent protection very complicate. The companies who have white LED patents are Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, Osram, Cree and Sumsung. Yunsun now using patented Chips from Toyoda Gosei plus yellow phosphor from US Intematix to get a patent circumvention from those white LED patents. 



LEDisong patent on filament LED Bulb is invalid, Ushio Japan is the first one who worked out filament shaped LED bulbs.


LEDisong patent on Filament LED Bar is valid, but we Yunsun have worked out strategies to make a circumvention on this patent.


 LEDisong does not have white LED patent, Yunsun have strategies on white LED patent circumvention by working with Japan Toyoda Gosei for LED chip and US Intematix for Phosphor.


Finally, The filament LED bulb’s time is coming, Yunsun non-infringement filament LED bulbs will help you to share a good market, don’t be hesitate on this new business, nobody can slow down the human steps forward to a beautiful world with high technology!